Drill Holes in Various Types of Pipes with Ease

Tru-Drill II



  • Portable Hole Drilling Machine
  • Uni-Block Drill Mount
  • Permanently-Attached dual drive handles
  • Built-In small and large pipe adapters
  • Subcompact Lightweight Design
  • Dual-Direction Base Unit
  • Secure Grounding of electric drill to pipe
  • Rack and Pinion Gear Drive Advancement
  • Easily Mounted With Quick Fit Chain
  • Milwaukee Drill
  • Delivered Complete Ready To Use

Outstanding Benefits

  • No Drill-Twist to injure fingers or wrist
  • Cut Holes up to 4 1/2" diameter
  • Operates Like a Portable Drill Press for field and shop applications
  • Use to Drill holes for mechanical T's, crosses, weld & thread-a-lets, branch tie-ins, saddles, etc
  • Greatly Reduce Drilling Time
  • Precision alignment allows longer life for holesaw